29 marzo 2020@10:00–17:00
BASI Pilates Italia
Via Frascati 44
240 € + IVA

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Presenter: Sondra Karman (Senior Faculty BASI Pilates; Chicago, USA)

Prato 29 March 2020 (timetable 10:00-17:00). Studio Pilates in Tuscany, Via Frascati 44.

Cueing is the key to transferring information from one person to another. How often have you given a Pilates cue and had a client respond, “Oh, now it makes sense” or “Wow that feels totally different” or my favourite, “No one has ever told me that.” A well-directed Pilates cue that hits the mark can bring about a change instantly. That is the magic of cueing.
Tactile cueing is so direct and time efficient that it is probably the most effective mean of communication between client and instructor. However, the most important point is about how we touch or why we touch. Thus when we give tactile cueing one of the most important point to consider is the structure of muscles. You should touch the client following the direction of muscles toward where you want the body to reach. The hands must transmit the intention that lays behind every movement. Because every movements in Pilates has objectives and Anatomical-Tactile cueing drives best toward what you want to achieve with that movement.
This workshop will offer to the instructors the information to associate every Pilates exercise with a tactile cueing that best comply with the anatomy of the muscles involved in the movement.



This program is approved by the PMA for 19 CECs.

Cost: 240 € + VAT
Workshop Stretching within Strengthening of Sondra Karman (28th March 2020) is SOLD OUT

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IBAN: IT 45 Q 02008 21515 000104775334
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The course is open to all Pilates teacher (not only BASI certificated teachers).



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