Workshops and Certification Courses

(Courses taught in English are presented with translation in Italian)

The basis of the BASI Pilates approach is to encourage Pilates teachers to continuously deepen their knowledge. As BASI Pilates founder Rael Isacowitz says, “The certification of the Pilates teaching is the beginning of the journey”.

For this reason, BASI offers a well-defined program of advanced training, made by Certificate Courses and Workshops to integrate and deepen their knowledge.

Every BASI Pilates Certificate Courses and Workshops are open to all Pilates teacher (including BASI certificated teachers).

2 COURSES Stretching within Strengthening + The Art of Anatomical-Tactile Cueing - Sondra Karman BASI Principal Faculty

31 Ottobre 2022 - 1 Novembre 2022

Presented by: Sondra Karman (BASI Principal Faculty) Option to purchase both Stretching within Strengthening + The Art of Anatomical-Tactile Cueing courses at the reduced price of 440 € + VAT instead of 480 € + VAT

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STRETCHING WITHIN STRENGTHENING 31 October 2022 - Sondra Karman Principal Faculty BASI Pilates

31 Ottobre 2022 - 31 Ottobre 2022

This seminar will present exercises that require dynamic stretching in order to improve functional range of motion, flexibility and mobility for sports activities, as well as movement function and control in daily life. This program is approved by PMA for 19 CEC.

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THE ART OF ANATOMICAL-TACTILE CUEING 1 November 2022 - Sondra Karman Principal Faculty BASI Pilates

1 Novembre 2022 - 1 Novembre 2022

This course will offer teachers the information necessary to associate each Pilates exercise with a tactile signal that best suits the anatomy of the muscles involved in the movement. The program is approved by PMA for 19 CEC.

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PILATES FOR SCOLIOSIS - 25-26 March 2023 - Rika Brixie, BASI Faculty

25 Marzo 2023 - 26 Marzo 2026

This 2-day seminar will introduce the three-dimensional curves of scoliosis, the methods to evaluate them and the physical and emotional effects these curves have on the body and the person as a whole.

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Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies -16-18 June 2023 Prato - Samantha Wood BASI Associate Faculty

16 Giugno 2023 - 18 Giugno 2023

This certified three-day course presents an approach to physical therapy for working with clients who have injuries, physical limitations or movement dysfunctions. Focusing primarily on the cervical and lumbar spine, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, and foot, the course covers functional anatomy, biomechanics, and a review of current literature. Specific injuries and conditions are examined, such as disc disease, post-surgical conditions, rotator cuff syndrome, tendinopathies, and osteoarthritis. Students learn about the precautions and / or contraindications for these conditions, as well as exercise options and changes to the original BASI Pilates repertoire. Course participants will learn safe ways to work with clients suffering from some of the most common medical conditions and injuries, through lectures, discussions, demonstrations and practice.

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